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What is it?

Provides a financial safety net for your beneficiaries should you unexpectedely pass away due to an accident

Coverage that pays out a sum of money when you suffer an unexpected, qualifying accident

Coverage of low probability, high cost specific illnesses on a predetermined list

Should I get it?

Gives your family the financial protection they need during life's unexpected moments

Compensates you for extra, out-of-pocket expenses associated with your injury

Provides additional coverage for specific illnesses.You might want to consider it if you have a family history in certain illnesses

What does it pay?

Up to

Coverage amounts up to $500,000

Coverage amounts up to $500,000

How does it pay?

One-time payout

Monthly or
one-time payout

Monthly or
one-time payout

Who does it pay?




What would I use the money for?

Funeral costs, daily living expenses, a mortgage or rent payments, outstanding loans, college tuition and other essential expenses

Medical care, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs

Recovery expenses, out of pocket expenses and the loss of income

How long does it take to pay out?


Upon accident or injury

About 14 to 30 days

Who is it ideal for?

20 - 50
years old
Min. yearly income of $25,000 before tax

years old

years old

What does it cost?

Starts at

Starts at


How long is the application process?

Within minutes

Within weeks

30+ days

Are there medical exams when applying?



Amounts over $100,000 require a medical exam

Digital or paper application?


Digital and paper


Do I need to talk to an agent in the application process?

No, but you can if you need to.
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