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  • This timeframe is fluid and would depend on the nature of your claim, the length of your waiting period, and how fast documentation can be provided to the appropriate parties. Your prompt and thorough cooperation in the process will expedite this process as well.

  • To file a claim, you need to contact Asteya or your registered agent and fill a Proof of Loss form. You'll need to complete the form with a physician of appropriate specialty and then submit the form to the carrier.

  • Yes. Premiums are due during the waiting period. Premiums are only waived once your claim/loss of income has been approved.

  • If you believe that your claim was incorrectly denied, you can appeal the decision with the carrier within the timeframe provided under the policy or state law.

  • Potentially, but any medical information that Asteya has learned about you as a customer may be used in consideration of any insurance offers.

  • Once approved, you'll need to complete your waiting period -- that is the time between your claim and when your payment plan kicks in. Payments will vary based on your policy. Your payment will depend on the product you've chosen. Some payments will be paid out monthly, and others will be paid in a single lump sum payment.

  • You should file a claim when you have a sickness or injury that has kept or is currently keeping you out of work.

  • No, your claim can only be filed once you have a doctor of appropriate specialty complete your loss form.

  • You can check your claim status through your assigned examiner, your licensed agent, or Asteya. Your waiting period will depend on the policy you've purchased.

  • Once you file a claim, your claim will be assigned to an examiner. This examiner will reach out to you and begin the process of authorizing and collecting the appropriate medical data needed to approve your claim.

  • These are generally paid directly from the claim adjudicator in a manner negotiated at time of approval.

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