Protecting your pay check is one of the most practical things you can do for yourself.

But the reality is that 1 out of 4 of us are likely to be unable to work due to a critical health issue before retirement.

Our Vision

We founded Asteya to give you real peace of mind so you can focus on living. Our vision is to build something different, something that provides security for everyone and promotes well-being; a new approach for a new tomorrow. Income insurance that works for you, income insurance that is there for you.

Insuring your income empowers your future, and we’re building our products with your future in mind.

Our Motivation

More people are embracing the potential of a freelance career, independent contracts or entrepreneurial endeavors. They need to find options and solutions that work for them should life unexpectedly happen, as it does. That’s why income insurance is so important. It not only ensures that you can protect your income and any dependents in the event you cannot work, but it also protects your lifestyle and quality of life!

But, most options on the market are complicated, expensive and hard to access. And more often than not, people only get insured through their corporate employers or financial advisors. Which made us wonder — what about everyone who doesn’t have access to either?

We created an affordable, flexible, modern form of income insurance that is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, profession, or income.

Income is one of the strongest predictors of health outcomes.

One of the biggest parts of maintaining your health is maintaining your income.

Overall well-being is key in avoiding potential gaps in working ability, so by linking our income insurance concept with a wellness focus, we can provide a more intuitive, relatable, and valuable product for you. The more protected and happier you feel, the more you can live your life to the fullest.

Our Focus on Women

Traditional income insurance costs up to 30% more for women than it does for men. We think this is an unfair statistic.

While we can't change this overnight, we're committed on working to change it over the next few years. And this isn’t just lip service.

Our current product is gender neutral and we’re working on new products that focus on families, with coverage for both partners.

We've brought on board medical underwriters and researchers to create a new blueprint to mapping women's health risks, so we can bring down the cost and provide richer benefits for women.