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6 Time Saving Tool Every Agent Should Have

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The insurance industry requires constant improvisation on the technological front to keep up with competitors and deliver maximum customer satisfaction. There are several marketing tools exclusively designed for insurers to drive revenue and increase sales; however, the key is finding cost-effective tools that fulfill business purposes and prove profitable in the long term.  

With advanced tools, you can effectively broaden your customer spectrum and transform how your business runs. This article will help you with a list of insurance tools that enhance your business at a minimized cost while fostering your sales, customer network, and marketing prospects.  

1.An integrated website  

With virtual reality becoming the new normal for consumers, most clients are inclined to do a thorough online review of a brand or company they wish to go on board before making any decisions. Similarly, clients are more likely to look out for your policies and compare those to your competitors through the official websites.  

Therefore, having an official website that reflects your brand value is imperative to have a broader customer base. Time-saving and cost-effective, having an integrated website that reflects your policies, mission and vision can go a long way in casting a wider net for customers. An optimized website will drive relevant traffic and also increase your conversion rate.  

By asking for customer details on your website homepage, you can reach out to customers who are merely shopping around and want a quotation. A company website can promote your brand, services, and products and feasibly acquire your target audience. A website that is search engine friendly and easy for clients to access is an actual business asset for any insurance company.  

2.CRM to improve customer relationships 

The success of any insurance agency depends on its customer retention capability. Insurers who know how to nurture agent-client relationships and keep customers within the company through renewals understand the pulse of the market and scaling heights. To maximize client satisfaction, insurers need to make the most of the wealth of data they procure.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you process this data systematically and drive essential insights that will help you understand your customer trends and improvise your business solutions accordingly. With the help of practical CRM tools, you can analyze your sales statistics, integrate the data with other applications and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly. Cost-effective and multi-functional, CRM software helps you access client data at the click of a button and make the most of it from a business standpoint. Reaching out to clients on their birthdays or helping them with personalized services not only retains customer loyalty but also allows you to build a more substantial brand value and reach.  

3.Communication tools 

While having a website and CRM software does half the job, communication tools are critical in customer retention and revenue growth. With the advancement in digital marketing, companies are constantly finding means to create an omnipresence through different channels, incessantly reminding customers of their brand value and USPs. 

Through communication tools such as MailChimp for emails, MobileMonkey for SMS, and several others, you can set up automated messaging or emails to reach out to customers at the right time. Customers who have yet to purchase a policy but requested quotes can be engaged through email campaigns with prospective offers.  

Social media is an equally powerful communication tool to foster your brand presence and drive more clients. It is free and a great platform to advocate your marketing skills and reach out to potential customers. With cross-channel communication tools, you can enhance your response rate on social media and stay at the top of your marketing skills as an insurance agency to draw in more clientele.  


Customers looking for an insurance policy that benefits them are more likely to go on board with insurance companies that maintain a certain level of transparency. No hidden terms and conditions are at play.  

To meet such customer expectations, insurance agents must have integrated software that helps customers access their policy documents, make payments, initiate claims, etc… Glovebox is one tool that puts policyholders at the center of the interface, making the software user-friendly and easily accessible to customers.  

With changing customer trends, clients are inclined towards self-serve options instead of contacting their agents repeatedly. Glovebox has been designed with a customer-centric approach to address the common pain points that clients may have and enable customers to pay their bills, request quotes, or access original policy documents. 

5.Tools to streamline workflow 

Insurance agents deal with piles of documents on a day-to-day basis and hustle through client meetings and team meetings throughout their working hours to meet their targets. With a streamlined process, the workflow can stay smooth. Hence, insurance agents should resort to organization tools that help them organize the data and move quickly from one task to another.  

Using tools such as Google Workspace, Adobe Scan, or Microsoft Office, which are completely free and provide a systematic interface, insurance agents can streamline their workflow and become much more productive in their work. With applications like DocuSign, they can get the relevant documents signed by their clients without having to physically visit the client and get their job done on the move. 

6.Asteya Plus 

Imagine having a one-stop solution for all your business needs on one platform that boosts your sales prospects incredibly! Asteya Plus is an integrated insurance management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of income insurance services at zero cost.  

Yes, you heard it right! Access exclusive services with Asteya Plus with no initial investment on your end. The suite of services offered by Asteya Plus will eliminate your need to implement different software solutions for various purposes, and you will strategize your business performance in one centralized platform.  

With features such as a Client Engagement Tool, Email Marketing Automation, a Social Media Bank, and an Insurance Management System, you’ll be able to foster improved client relationships and boost your sales in no time. Extremely cost-effective and time saving, Asteya Plus enables agents to turn leads into customers. Now that we’ve mentioned some of the features and benefits of Asteya Plus, let's understand each of these features in detail: 

-Client engagement tool 

Asteya understands the lucrative nature of the insurance industry and how the power behind the success of insurance companies lies in the hands of their customers. Hence fostering customer satisfaction through different channels is the main feature of the client engagement tool. The client engagement tool enables agents to implement chatbots or automated email facilities to reach out to customers with a quick response rate and acquire their loyalty to the company. This is a great strategy to ensure customer retention, help agents stay in touch with their clients, and upsell or cross-sell policies for more revenue.  

-Email marketing automation 

With 80% of businesses scaling heights through email automation, email marketing campaigns have become a robust marketing tool for insurers. From sending welcome emails to clients to newsletters, the email marketing automation tool in Asteya Plus helps agents maintain consistent interaction with their clients to foster a positive client-agent relationship. Even clients who are no longer active policyholders in the company can be retained through email marketing campaigns by keeping them updated with offers and policies that they could benefit from.  

-Online smart forms 

Traditional marketing models are changing dramatically, with online portals making everything easy in seconds. Customers no longer need face-to-face interaction to sign up for an insurance policy, as agents can process everything online. The online smart forms feature of Asteya Plus turns PDF files into forms that can be sent to customers and signed by them online.  

-Social media banks 

The social media bank feature of Asteya Plus provides an integrated platform where you can operate your company's social media platforms on a centralized interface and update all your followers on renewals and claims in one go. Moreover, you can respond to customers' queries and requests right away through social media banks and make a growing presence online.  

Social media is at the crux of any organization's growth today; hence, utilizing social media's power is imperative to drive more clients. From boosting marketing campaigns to driving customer insights through data intelligence and leveraging social media, Asteya Plus aims at bettering agent performances in proven ways, in the most affordable way. Costing $0, agents can scale their versions with effective marketing tools and analytics features offered by Asteya Plus and ace their position in the increasingly competitive insurance market completely free. 

Prepare for success today with the best cost-effective tools! 

To stay agile and ahead of the curve and deliver spotless customer service, we hope these tools will help your insurance company expand and have a broader customer base. There’s no shortage of insurance companies for customers to choose from today's market. Hence offering the best services with the best operational tools will ease the journey toward success for insurance agents and help them thrive in this lucrative market.  




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