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Mood-boosting Media to Brighten your Day

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Sometimes it can be hard to reconcile the influx of technology with the old saying from our parents that too much screen time ‘will rot our brains'. In 2020, many of us couldn’t even leave the house, so relying on screens became the only way to connect to the outside world. 

But there are plenty of ways to strike the right balance with the devices surrounding us; and even use them to learn new things, explore new places, and improve our moods. There are so many elements that can impact our overall wellness, so it is important to find ways to stay healthy with whatever resources we have. If you are stuck indoors or feeling down about life, here are our top picks for how to boost your mood without having to leave your home and without having to resort to Netflix (*again).  


Just because you might not be able to leave your house or town doesn’t mean you should have to stop exploring new places. In response to the pandemic spread, hundreds of museums, galleries, and historical sites have implemented free ‘Virtual Tours’ so that you can visit them from the safety of your own home.   Virtual Tour Live has a range of guided tours available, including The Louvre, Florence, and the Taj Mahal. Tech site Lifewire put together a list of great virtual field trips they have reviewed so you can choose the right one for you. Many venues and tourist destinations are even hosting live virtual talks or walk-throughs, so you can travel the world from the sofa!  


If you haven’t yet discovered the wonder of the podcast, then you have a real treat in store. 

The world of podcasting covers every single topic imaginable, from true crime to meditation, cooking, to fitness. 

Whatever your tastes, you can always find a series that will expand your knowledge, calm your soul, or even make you smile. Here is an excellent list of some top podcasts available to boost your mood that are tailored to your needs.   


Whatever your level of ‘gamer’ street cred, online games can be a fantastic asset in managing our mental health. From rediscovering nostalgic favorites from our past (who doesn’t love Mario Kart) to adult coloring books, keeping our brains active and engaged can be hugely beneficial. 

Connecting with friends to play cards online or sitting down with the family for a giant interactive board game can help to significantly improve our mood by taking our minds off stress and focusing on the people that bring us joy.  


The demand for online courses swelled in 2020 and looks set to continue expansion in 2021. 

As people look for ways to grow their skillset or gain new certifications for a potential career change, there are more and more resources for them to choose from. Renowned universities and internationally accredited programs can help you get qualified in a host of areas. From interior design to web development, examining music as biology to how to cook best for your gut, there are so many to choose from, and you will definitely get a huge boost from learning something new.

As the virtual world expands, so too do the resources we can access. Utilizing those features in a manageable way can do wonders for our overall mood, mental health, and wellness. Never before in history have we been able to access experts, guides, and advice so directly, so there is no excuse not to rely on them when needed! 

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