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Meet LEA: Asteya’s New and Powerful Prospecting Tool

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Whether you’re an established business owner or insurance agent or starting off with your sales journey, you’re probably most worried about how difficult it can be to find potential customers who are interested in buying the services that you offer. Not only cannot finding clients look grim and hopeless for the future of your business, but the process of identifying said customers is time-consuming and costly. 

This is a much more widespread concern than you might think. According to the latest data, 40% of salespeople agree that finding new leads and customers is the most challenging step in the marketing process. And that worry is more than justified. After all, if you fail to find potential clients, you risk going bankrupt or failing to launch your own business, which might ruin your career as an insurance broker. 

As such, most business owners, marketers, or insurance agents are always looking for prospecting tools to make this process easier for them and propel their sales forward. There are several prospecting tools that salespeople rely on, such as Hunter, Kasper, ZoomInfo, and many others. Yet, with numerous tools being available, how can you make sure that you signed up for the right one? 

First, let’s cover the basics. What exactly is prospecting, and what are prospecting tools?  

Prospecting is the process of looking for possible customers or clients who are interested in buying your goods or services. Although on paper, prospecting might seem like an easy task, it becomes more complicated once you realize that if you don’t know where to find those customers, you’ll probably face issues growing your business in the future. 

Therefore, many rely on prospecting tools, which are different pieces of software that help salespeople up their lead generation game, identify potential customers, and increase prospects. Different prospecting tools exist for different reasons. You might use one for social media marketing, another one for email outreach, or even for cold calling. Regardless of the reason why you opt for a prospecting tool, all prospecting tools have one common purpose: to make it easier for you to connect with people who are interested in your products and services and who might become future clients of yours. 

Types of prospecting tools 

There are many powerful prospecting tools that you can make use of in your sales journey, and they can be divided into four main categories: 

  1. Referral generation: The first category of prospecting tools aims at retrieving leads through surveys, other feedback tools, or from previous customers. 

  2. Content marketing: As its name suggests, this type of prospecting tool focuses on informing future or potential clients about the products and services that your company offers. It does so through advertising content. 

  3. Networking: These prospecting tools are all about connecting with people. They allow you to better network with people who might be interested in your products. 

  4. Email marketing: Email marketing tools can help reach out to potential customers via email or keep your current customers updated with your latest offers and products.  


The issue that many insurance agents face, however, is their inability to choose the correct prospecting tool to use. After all, there are so many options to pick from, and though some tools offer various services in one platform, others don’t. In that case, the agent must sign up for different platforms to enjoy all the available features. 

Let us introduce you to LEA, Asteya’s newest prospecting tool, which aims to solve these problems. With LEA, the lead generation game has never been more straightforward. 

What is LEA, and what does it do? 

LEA, or Leads Extractor & Aggregator, is Asteya’s own B2B sales prospecting tool, whose main function is to help Asteya agents automate identifying and connecting with potential customers. LEA’s easy-to-use nature will help you up your networking game and generate leads efficiently and effectively. LEA doesn’t operate in a vacuum; it draws on various sources to compile personal and professional data before making it instantly available to the agent. 

Information on companies and prospects can be found in LEA’s database. Therefore, after installing the extension and requesting to access comprehensive information on a LinkedIn page of an individual or company, LEA realizes that this information is valuable to you and makes every effort to retrieve it for you, either from its own database or from other sources. 

Once that information is retrieved, LEA stores it for you on your Marvel page in a clear and detailed way for you to come back to if needed in the future. And because your Marvel page is visible to other Asteya agents as well, if you scrape a client that you might no longer wish to meet up with, other brokers have the chance to attract that customer and work with them. 

So, what are the main benefits of LEA? 

The most obvious advantage of LEA is that it replaces several other prospecting tools. It’s an all-in-one platform that offers agents several essential functionalities for their lead generation. More specifically, however, when using LEA, you’re also benefiting from the following features: 

1-Finding qualified leads  

Many insurance companies today still rely on archaic ways of finding leads, mainly through cold-calling or having to personally call a potential customer to tell themwhat their services are. While this might result in you gaining some clients, it still requires lots of time and money. Additionally, the process might lead to the loss of sensitive data and, as a result, the loss of a potential customer. With LEA, however, the whole process is automated, which leaves no room for error or potential loss of data, hence relieving you from that concern. Moreover, when you’re using LEA, you’re given access to a huge and trusted databank of potential leads that you can use to connect with future clients and grow your business. 

2-Saving time and money 

While it’s apparent that you want to connect with as many potential customers as possible, calling or contacting every single lead that you come across is not the way to go. LEA gives you a chance to target the leads that you judge to be a great addition to your clientele. Whenever you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed and come across a profile that you feel might be interested in your products, you can easily add it to your Marvel page and contact it later.  

By targeting the right customer immediately from the beginning of the sales process, you would be saving time and money, which you can invest later in something much more useful for your business. In addition, as an Asteya agent, you get access to all the LEA features for FREE –you won’t have to spend any money on more than one prospecting tool to get the desired results! 

3-Improving customer experience 

Since you’ve carefully selected your leads by scrolling through LinkedIn and saving their profiles, then you probably already have an idea of what they might be interested in. As such, you can tailor your services and products to answer your customers’ needs, sometimes even before they address them with you. And if you’re worried about the privacy of the information you are collecting, don’t be! The data you collect with LEA is 100% secured since the prospecting tool offers unparalleled levels of privacy and security in line with all the regulations. 

The takeaway 

If you’re tired of traditional prospecting techniques and care about growing your business and generating leads as quickly as possible, then LEA is the right prospecting tool. 

To sum up, Asteya’s prospecting tool, LEA, offers you the following benefits: 

  • You can retrieve the prospect’s information straight from their LinkedIn profiles and store it in Marvel. 

  • Your prospecting is entirely automated, made possible by simply adding LEA to your browser as an extension. 

  • You’re using an all-in-one platform that acquires leads, develops connections, and follows up with clients. 

  • You’re granted unlimited access to a vast and trusted database of potential leads. 

  • You spend less money and effort while searching for new leads. 

  • You increase your revenue and closing ratio by targeting the right customer from the beginning of the process. 

Only one click stands between you and your next customer. Join Asteya today and benefit from LEA for free! 


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