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Insurance Agents Should Have These A to Z Qualities

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When choosing their insurance agent, most people would seek reliability, knowledge, and approachability. If the broker lacks these characteristics, then the client will most probably opt for another agent. 

The insurance world is a competitive and growing one, with it witnessing a growth of 13% in 2021. As a result of this massive increase, a significant number of people became interested in the insurance industry. And with more people considering becoming insurance agents, you need to set yourself apart to stay on top of your game. 

So, what does a perfect insurance agent look like? Here are what we believe to be some of the most essential qualities that you should have as an insurance agent to guarantee your success in this booming industry. 


A: Ambitious 

The first quality that any insurance broker should have is ambition. You should always strive to generate more leads, attract more clients, grow your business, and diversify the services that you provide to your customers.  

B: Brave 

A good agent is a brave one. There will always be new services that you might be skeptical about before you choose to invest in them. Take risks. Leave your comfort zone. Try new options and check your clients’ reception to them. You might be surprised by the outcome. 

C: Cautious 

If you’re starting as a new insurance agent, you might feel the urge to jump on every bandwagon there is out there. Always remember to be cautious with your choices. Not every step that you make is beneficial for your career. Weigh in the pros and cons of every decision before you take it. 

D: Dedicated 

No business can move forward without the dedication and hard work, and the same applies to being an insurance agent. Whether you’re still starting fresh in the business or are already an established agent, you need to prioritize your work and show commitment and consistency. 

E: Eager

Another important quality for insurance agents is eagerness and enthusiasm. You want to come across to your clients as someone excited to work on a deal with them. Rarely are worn-down brokers able to attract enough customers to secure the success of their businesses. 

F: Flexible 

A good insurance agent needs to be flexible. If you feel like the services that you are currently offering to your clients are not answering their needs, then you should reconsider them. After all, what you care most about is satisfying your clients, and if switching a few things up solves that issue, then be it! 

G: Game changer 

To generate more leads, a robust insurance agent needs to offer game-changing services. Any broker can provide their clients with traditional insurance plans, but only a pioneering agent can think outside the box and impress the customers with new and fresh ideas. 

H: Honest 

Insurance agents shouldn’t mislead or deceive their clients into sealing deals. If you’re not honest with your customers, you’re not only sabotaging your own career, but you’re also jeopardizing the reputation of your employers. 

I: Inviting 

One of your essential goals as an insurance agent is to attract as many customers as possible. As such, you need to come across as inviting for people to feel comfortable enough to choose you over other insurance brokers. Ensure you are presentable, kind, and confident while talking to your clients. 

J: Just 

Fairness is another trait that characterizes a good insurance agent. Hold yourself accountable in case of any mistake that you might have committed. Look at your customers in an unbiased manner. The last thing you want your customers to feel is judged by their agent and unwelcome. 

K: Knowledgeable 

One of the most apparent characteristics that people look for in their insurance broker is knowledge. People expect you to know the ins and outs of the services that you are selling and to be well-prepared to answer any concerns they might have. Never show up to a client meeting not having done your homework. 

L: Lover of learning 

With the pace at which the insurance world is changing, new options and services become available daily. At the same time, new tools for agents are also being developed frequently. As a successful insurance agent, you need to make sure that you are following up with all these updates and be ready to learn about them. 

M: Meticulous 

Attention to detail is a key quality in insurance brokers, especially since the process involves handling lots of sensitive customer data. Any mishandling of that data or loss of important information can cost you and potential clients. Make sure you are meticulous throughout the process. 

N: Nimble-minded 

Your clients expect you to be quick on your feet, and you want to show them that you are ready for anything they might throw at you. Identify potential gains during your client meeting. See what your customers are concerned the most about and offer them a product that perfectly answers that need. You want to leave the meeting with both you and your clients who have benefited from it. 

O: Open-minded 

Open-mindedness is another characteristic that insurance brokers should have. Be ready with people of all ages, races, sexualities, or backgrounds. Your customers will only agree to work with you if they feel accepted. So don’t build any walls between you and your clients! 

P: Persistent 

Being an insurance agent, though it is a rewarding job, can sometimes feel demotivating, especially if you cannot handle rejection well. Not every customer you speak to will sign up for your services, and that’s okay! Be persistent and understand that with every rejection, you are one step closer to your future client. 

Q: Quick

Clients looking to sign up for an insurance plan usually want to do so as soon as possible. Your job, then, is to be quick to answer their demands. Have the required documents ready with you when you show up to the client meeting, and make sure you follow up with your clients’ applications all the way through to ensure a smooth process. 

R: Respectful 

Clients showing up to their meeting with you expect decent and respectful treatment. They’ll show up with questions and concerns. You need to make a great first impression. Don’t dismiss their worries; choose your words carefully and talk to your customers calmly and walk them through the whole process. 

S: Sociable 

Since most of your work as an insurance agent requires you to meet up with potential clients, it goes without saying that you need to have a sociable nature. You should feel comfortable being in public, talking to people, and having striking conversations with them. 

T: Trustworthy 

This quality goes together with honesty. Once your clients trust you, you should do everything you can not to lose that trust. Your clients share sensitive data with you, so you can’t go around selling that data and exposing private information to someone else. Otherwise, no one would want to trust you or work with you. 

U: Unique 

How are you going to set yourself apart from the crowd? You can start by providing your customers with unique services and a great user experience that would leave them returning for more. Have your own identity and brand; otherwise, why would people pick you over other brokers? 

V: Visionary 

A good insurance agent always plans. While living in the moment is undoubtedly rewarding, anticipating any potential problems or threats to the business is even more precious. Have a clear vision of what you want your company to look like in 1, 5, and 10 years and plan accordingly. 

W: Well-groomed 

Dress appropriately for your client meeting. If you have long hair and a beard, comb them before your appointment. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and how you dress plays a crucial role in attracting or pushing away a potential customer. 

X: Xperimental

Excuse the lack of adjectives starting with the letter “X,” but an insurance agent needs to have an Xperimental nature. Don’t get stuck on traditions. There are endless techniques and methods that you can discover every single day. See what works best for you and your clients, and be ready to shift strategies when it becomes necessary to do so. 

Y: Young-at-heart 

The insurance world is one for all ages. However, it’s evolving at an extremely fast pace, and hanging onto traditional prospecting or sales methods may not be the way to go. As an insurance agent who is young at heart, keep in mind to embrace the new advancements in the insurance world, such as digital income insurance, for example. 

Z: Zealous 

Finally, a qualified insurance agent needs to show zeal and enthusiasm in their job. Working as an insurance broker might get demotivating at times, but this is not a sentiment that you should convey to your clients. Get out there and ace your next meeting because if you don’t, someone else will!   


Being an insurance agent is hard work but identifying your solid points and developing them will help you advance your career. We hope that you found this list of characteristics beneficial! Impress your next client with these qualities, and you will win them over. 

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