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How to Promote Good Mental Health when Working from Home

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One of the big changes that took place in 2020 was the way we work.  More and more people found themselves having to work from home for extended periods of time.  With the pandemic still spreading and new mutations emerging, working from home is still in effect in many places.  There has also been a huge uptick in individuals opting, or finding it necessary, to take on roles as freelancers or independent contractors.  With such a large percentage of the population adapting to being in their ‘home office’, as well as cut off from friends and family, it can be hard to stay motivated and manage your mental health.

At Asteya we know the importance of overall wellness, especially as it can help protect you against future health issues that can impact your earning potential.  For those juggling life in a domestic workplace, we wanted to share some top tips on how to promote good mental health and stay productive when it matters most.

Curate Your Perfect Schedule

Many people find working from home very difficult.  Separated from colleagues and your routine, it can be hard to stay motivated or focus on what needs to get done.   Feeling cut off can make us dwell on what we are missing, rather than what we are gaining.  Our individual characteristics can make conformity restrictive or sometimes even counterproductive.  Workplaces around the world were already starting to realize pre-2020 that the traditional ‘9 to 5’ routine might not be the most effective option for boosting performance. 

Working from home, whether as a temporary measure or a long-term change, gives you the option to make a schedule that maximizes your potential.  Perhaps you work best in the early morning or late at night?  Maybe multiple mini-breaks throughout the day help generate bursts of energy for your projects?  Being at home means you have greater control over how you divide up your workload in a way that suits your personality.  Mixing up work, tasks about the home, and leisure activities could mean you get much more done overall.  Find the right fit and you could be surprised about how much you accomplish.

Stay Active

A common issue for anyone whose job mostly involves being at their desk, but staying active is vital for your mental and physical health.  During a time in which we are worried about our health even more and feel separated from those we care about, it is even more important.  With many areas still under lockdown or for those concerned about exposure, there are still many different ways to move around even if you can’t get outside or to the gym.  

Even a thirty-minute session every other day will make a big difference to how you feel overall.  It doesn’t even matter what fitness level you are, there are thousands of different types of workouts available on YouTube from yoga to HIIT, cardio to Zumba, virtual walking tours to the infamous Peloton bikes.   Even if you aren’t keen on a workout, getting up from your desk and walking around every couple of hours will refresh your mind and help you re-focus. 

Explore Your Potential

One of the major effects of the pandemic is its ability to make us feel a lack of control in our lives. Being at the mercy of unforeseen events, especially ones that have completely turned everything upside down, can create a sense of helplessness and uncertainty. 

This can result in a desire to surround ourselves with comforting elements of the past that help settle our minds and remind us of a time before things went all crazy; it's why nostalgic tv shows and movies are doing so well on Netflix right now! 

But there are things you can do to help beyond binge-watching Friends or Game of Thrones. The more we can feel in control of our lives, the less on edge we will be and the more balanced our mental health will be.  An excellent way to do this is to try something new. 

Learning a new language or training yourself in a new skill could be empowering and even good for your career.

Working on your culinary ability could be a great way to bond as a family. 

Volunteering, even virtually, is not only a compassionate act but a way to feel like you are contributing in a world that feels out of control. 

Using the scenario of lockdown or working from home to accomplish something good, be it a new skill, a new level of fitness, or spreading kindness to others, is an excellent way to find positivity in these challenging times and regain a sense of control within yourself. 

Most important of all, don’t forget that times are tough for us all.  Having a bad day or feeling down isn’t something to be ashamed of, in fact, more people than you think are feeling the exact same way.  The important thing is to find as many ways as possible to keep your spirits up, in whatever way works best for you. And never be afraid to ask for help. 

Your wellness is worth it and so are you. 

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