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Free Tools To Keep Your Customers Engaged

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The insurance industry is dynamic and constantly developing with advances on the marketing and technological front to deliver seamless customer experience and meet the changing market demands. Customers are at the core of the success factor for insurance industries; hence engaging customers wisely is vital to increase revenue and growth as a successful insurance business in today's competitive market.  

According to a survey by McKinsey, 80% of customers are more inclined to renew their policies than unsatisfied customers. In this article, we’ll provide a suggestive list of five practical tools that will help you to keep your customers engaged and drive leads who add value to your business in the long run.  

1-Social media  

In today's digitized market space, having a social media presence is imperative to sustain in the industry and acquire customer credibility. The impact of social media channels on the insurance industry is massive, and most insurance companies have driven their conversion rate through different social media platforms. Social media helps you stay connected with your customers and creates an impactful brand presence, which is crucial to retaining customers.   

While B2B insurance companies use LinkedIn to engage with clients and maintain a robust brand awareness strategy, B2C insurance companies can strategically use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage more customers.  

To effectively use social media for customer engagement, you must be regular with your social media posts and content. By posting links, testimonials, and policy updates along with renewal offers or policy offer your company is giving, you can drive more customers to your website, increasing your chances of acquiring more leads.  

Another important way to leverage the power of social media for your insurance business is by keeping a record of what your competitors are posting and curating your social media content accordingly to get that competitive edge and retain more customers. Social media is an asset to businesses in today's vying market, and insurers can vastly scale heights with this powerful tool to engage customers.  


The second largest online search engine after Google, YouTube has dynamically transformed how marketing works. With top brands acquiring more than 17% of their monthly traffic flows from YouTube, it has become an indispensable customer engagement tool for marketers.  

The insurance business has benefitted from YouTube marketing in the past few decades, as it helps gain customer credibility and an element of authoritativeness. Insurance policies usually involve piles of data that customers have to peruse through and flounder. A 15-second video is more effective and informative than a page on policy terms and conditions. Therefore, such videos simplify the policy terms for customers and give them a clearer view of what’s in it for them.  

Secondly, insurers can post videos of honest customer testimonials and experiences; this is an excellent customer engagement strategy to gain their trust and ensure they go on board with your company. These videos allow customers to make an informed decision, as you are being transparent about the services you deliver from your end, which automatically builds trust and reflects your brand value.  

3-Surveys and feedback tools 

Surveys and feedbacks are extremely important for insurance businesses to manage customer engagement and retention. Feedbacks make your customers feel worthy, that their honest opinions are valued, and help you build on the customer engagement aspect by responding to their feedback through direct responses or actual improvisations to your business performance.  

By implementing feedback tools, insurers can gain insights into how customers perceive their services and policies and whether they will likely stick through renewals or shop around. These insights are essential to strategizing your business processes and engagingly catering to your customers.  

Moreover, feedback is the most reliable, daring advertising for your insurance business. A survey by BrightLocal estimated that 73% of customers are likely to put their trust in a company due to positive customer reviews. While a few negative reviews do not make or break a deal, they show your authoritativeness while presenting for your business plenty rooms of opportunity.  

Especially in today's competitive marketplace, where hundreds of insurance companies are brooding against each other to stay on top of the curve, customers are more likely to go through customer testimonials of yours and that of your competitors to arrive at an informed decision about which company would serve them best. This makes reviews a crucial factor in engaging customers, enabling insurers to put their best stances forward for maximized benefits consistently.  

4-CRM tools 

Enhancing the customer experience helps in creating customer engagement and loyalty largely. With 88% of customers demanding a personalized experience from insurers, the insurance industry had to work on delivering seamless services that meet customer expectations and increases the customer retention rate. This is where CRM tools have benefitted insurers largely.  

With the wealth of data that insurance companies acquire every year, using CRM tools is the best way to leverage those and cater to customers better. CRM tools help you to understand customer trends and formulate your policies, accordingly bringing in more revenue and profits.  

CRM tools can analyze data, product audits, and report analytics which would help you create more sales opportunities and work on your business processes. They have integrated feedback tools, chatbots, and several other features, acting as a one-stop solution for spotless customer service and engagement.  

Another aspect of CRM is that it helps you differentiate between hot and cold leads, enabling you to cater to them accordingly. You can uniquely treat each lead, adding more value to how you do business and bringing in better prospects. 

5-Marketing automation tool 

With 72% of customers preferring to receive all business communications via email, email marketing has become a powerful marketing automation tool to engage customers. From adding a touch of personalization in emails to keeping customers updated about renewals and policies, the marketing automation tool helps insurers maintain continuous interaction with customers. It removes the burden of micro-managing and manually sending business communications from agents.  

Asteya's Marketing Automation Tool makes your email campaign seamless and automated, using your customer data. From scheduled email campaigns to targeted emails, you can keep your audience at the center of your priority, offering them the right deals at the right time. Moreover, you can send your customers newsletters through a marketing automation tool, informing them about your products and services, which helps them have a clear picture of their policies, and encourages them to investigate other offers.  

The marketing automation tool will help you personalize campaigns based on customer trends, which can genuinely empower your brand value and help you to retain customer trust. As your clients feel like their needs are being met and you put in the extra effort to value them, your customers are likelier to stick through renewals.  

Now, let's look into some benefits of using Asteya’s Marketing Automation Tool: 

*Acquire prospective leads 

When clients visit your website and request quotes, their information gets stored in your customer database, which enables you to send them emails on a weekly and quarterly basis informing them about your policies. This is a great way to acquire clients who were not planning to go on board with you and simply requested a quote! Moreover, emails to cold leads help you increase your brand awareness and potential to turn them into prospective long-term customers.  

*Cross-selling opportunities 

Asteya's Marketing Automation tool helps you customize your email campaigns based on customer analytics, as well as significantly increasing your opportunity to cross-sell. Insurers choose to nurture existing customers and keep them engaged as it would cost them more to cross-sell to a new customer than the existing ones.  

Hence, insurers can understand their existing customers and create email campaigns for different customer segments to upsell, cross-sell, and increase profitability. Besides, as you present cross-selling opportunities to existing customers, your chances of acquiring more referrals increase, too, making it a win-win situation for you and your clients.  

*Streamlining manual tasks 

The Marketing Automation Tool helps agents automate their operations, focusing on acquiring newer customers and retaining existing ones. With 74% of insurance agents mentioning that automation has eased their day-to-day tasks largely, it has also allowed them to carry out remaining tasks efficiently.  

You can choose from hundreds of templates, create your campaigns effectively with the Marketing Automation Tool, and turn cold leads into customers in no time! 

The insurance industry is lucrative and ever evolving. Companies that stay on the winning end of the spectrum must constantly adapt and offer best-in-class customer experience to engage customers. Hence, adopting customer engagement tools is crucial to scale heights and maintain consistency in revenue growth.  

Scale your insurance business with free tools! 

Free of cost and proven to bring in high ROI, we hope these tools will help you ace your insurance business and help you stay on top of the curve. Check out Asteya for Marketing Automation Tools that significantly foster customer engagement and bring your more business! 


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