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7 Apps B2B Insurance Agents Need To Increase Their Sales

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As a B2B insurance agent, leveraging the right tools and staying updated on the tech front is crucial to serving your clients better and helping your agency grow. With a client base that involves chief-decision makers in companies, executives, CEOs, and CFOs, you need to have a refined approach and cater to the needs of businesses at an optimum level.  

With an audience that has different coverage requirements as compared to the audience of a B2C insurance broker, it’s essential to stay ahead of technology and use applications that facilitate you to serve your clients better. According to a survey by the Applied systems Digital Agency report 2020, the average rate of digital technology adoption across insurance agencies in 2020 was 44%, which has increase to 60% in 2022. 

From administrative tasks and policy renewal quotes to client queries, it could feel like a lot to handle if your tasks aren’t streamlined and managed efficiently.  

In this article, we’ve suggested a list of 7 apps that B2B insurance agents can use to streamline their schedules, improve productivity, and bring in more prospects. With these apps, you can confidently address your clients and increase sales.

1-UptimeRobot: a website monitoring app 

Your company website must always be up and running for your client to access and have a user-friendly experience. With everything at our fingertips through high-end applications, clients prioritize accessing everything they require from the insurance agency to save time and get the work done faster.  

In such scenarios, having a website glitch or a technical error could impact client experience and take away bringing in a potential client. With the UptimeRobot app, you can track your website status and get alerts before your company website is down or there is any other significant trouble.  

You can fix the issue in real-time to ensure your client experience is not impacted. UptimeRobot will scan your site at an interval of five minutes and send you updates. This app has a free version that helps you with the essential updates and a premium paid version that works on an advanced level. These advanced features include: 

  • Custom HTTP requests 
  • Keyword monitoring 
  • Response times  
  • Shared incident updates 
  • Multi-location checks 
  • Maintenance windows 

2-Semrush: an integrated marketing app 

With the number of competitors B2B insurance agents have to consider before making their sales pitch, it can be challenging to get hold of newer prospects. However, targeting B2B clients is much easier with the correct data and competitor knowledge! 

As a comprehensive digital marketing tool, Semrush can help you increase your online presence, drive your target audience, and provide marketing insights you can use to increase sales. As one of the top marketing platforms trending in the market, Semrush integrates social media marketing, SEO, competitor information, PPC, and content marketing details and insights to help you understand the B2B market and its demands.  

Stay ahead of your game with access to a global database of URLs, competitive keywords, and ads to boost your insurance sales from a marketing standpoint. You can always pitch better if you have a knowledgeable understanding of the current insurance market, B2B company trends, and pain points. With marketing tools like Semrush and Ubersuggest, you can research and prepare an impactful sales pitch that addresses all the issues a company might present before you.  

3-DocuSign: managing documents virtually  

It goes without saying; the massive stack of documents that insurance agents need to peruse through or get signed by their clients is immense. With DocuSign, you can get these tasks done on the go, and you don’t have to physically pay a visit to the client each time a document needs to be approved or signed!  

Such an interface is timesaving for both the broker and the client, and documentation tasks no longer need to face unexpected delays. With a user-friendly digital transactional platform that enables users to send and receive, prepare, manage and sign legally binding documents in the cloud, you can think of newer sales prospects rather than worrying about documentation.  

With multiple B2B clients, keeping all the documents and locating them whenever needed can be tricky for a broker. With DocuSign, managing documents is more accessible as the app has “Inbox,” “Send,” and “Receive” options where you can check the documents you have already sent to the client or the ones that are yet to come through or get signed by the recipient.  

DocuSign also has multiple template options so that you can redesign your documents or make them customized for your client. From a B2B marketing perspective, this can get you positive client testimonials and acknowledgment for your professionalism.  

4-Insurance Agent App: facilitating mobile customer experience 

With self-service essentially becoming a default feature for all insurance companies, customers have been inclined towards self-service features since the dawn of the pandemic. A hassle-free interface can help you provide your B2B client with the customized experience they expect.  

The Insurance Agent App, with a retention capacity of 96%, has proven to be highly beneficial to B2B insurance agents. The app strengthens the agent-client relationship by digitizing the client’s insurance rights to their phones.  

It’s a customized mobile application where your client holders can access policy information, enjoy digitized services, and get accurate time real-time direction through the app.  

It becomes much easier for agents to connect with their customers with this application interface and offers the customer service clients expect. The insurance agent app helps you to manage your clients on the go and think of more marketable options to increase sales.  

Some of the key features of the Insurance Agent App are as follows: 

  • 24/7 access (via call, email, and text) 
  • Claims reporting  
  • Electronic id storage 
  • Direct bill payment options to insurance companies 
  • Customized agency branding options 
  • Change and COI requests

5-Google Workspace: streamlining operations  

A fluid working environment is primary to get more insights into your clients and increase selling prospects. Google Workspace is a widely popular tool for insurance agents across the globe to work on their documents, schedule meetings, share valuable documents internally and deliver productively.  

This integrated platform comprises Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drives for storage and collaboration sites to channel your workflow and help you cater to your clients in an organized manner.  

Moreover, Google Workspace helps brokers working within a team stay on track due to the flexible sharing interface. Here are some ways Google Workspace can benefit B2B insurance brokers: 

  • Sharing essential documents such as policy renewals and updates via Drive internally 
  • Scheduling meetings and client communications via Calendar 
  • Easy editing options for editing documents before sharing them with clients  

With increased productivity and collaboration, you can meet your targets faster and invest in marketing strategies that broaden your client potential.  

6-Expensify: expenses tracking app 

With multiple corporate clients in different locations, B2B insurance agents incur business expenses that are difficult to be tracked at times and reimbursed by the company without proper tools.  

The Expensify app enables agents to maintain expense logs from meals to travel expenses in one place. The app allows scanning and storing receipts, cost categorization, and tracking travel mileage. With a user-friendly interface, tracking business expenses is easier than ever for insurance agents, who have an overview of the same to manage their costs.  

With an array of advantages for any insurance company looking forward to strategizing the expenses of their agents or company, some of the benefits of using Expensify are: 

  • The easy approval process for managers 
  • No need to burden employees with the task of tracking their expenses 
  • Implementing consistent control measures to manage employee expenses 

7-Ring Central: managing communications 

Managing B2B communications requires a planned approach and proficiency. While B2C insurance agents can convey the information to their clients in one meeting or a phone call, it’s not the same for B2B insurance brokers

B2B insurance brokers need an organized interface to manage multiple client communications soundly. The Ring Central app makes this possible by integrating all methods of communication into one single platform.  

You can manage and schedule all communications on one platform, from messaging to video conferencing to phone calls. The app allows you to take phone calls while you are away from your workspace and has inbound call routing features so that you don’t miss out on any leads. You can also create reminders, schedule team conferences, and manage cold-calling campaigns as you move from one client to another.  

With in-built SMS features and video calling options, Ring Central allows you to connect with your clients in a medium of choice so you can always stay associated with them.  


The insurance industry will never run out of business, but the companies that don’t improvise and update themselves with newer technologies may fall behind. In a highly competitive sector, B2B insurance agents need to stay ahead with updated knowledge of market trends and implement those to get ahead of the curve with potential clients.  

We hope this article will help you cater to your clients better than ever in a more customized manner and help you increase your sales consistently. To learn more about apps and CRMs that B2B insurance agents can use, you can check our blog section for insurance agents.  

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