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6 Online Lead Generation Tips For B2B Insurance Agents

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Lead Generation in the B2B insurance industry largely depends on channeling the right audience into the sales funnel, which helps you increase your company's revenue and foster your close rate.  

However, the lead generation game in the B2B industry is no child's play, especially with the long and complex sales cycle and more significant buyer's table that could make or break a deal within months. With technology overruling almost every sector in the current market scenario, insurance firms are switching to beneficial online lead-generation techniques.  

This article has put forward six proven lead generation tips for B2B insurance companies to help you acquire the right audience and cost you only a fraction of your initial investment cost compared to the traditional lead generation models. Still wondering how? Keep reading to find out! 

1- Contact forms 

Contact forms are a great way to gain potential clients interested in doing business with you. Most B2B firms have a research team that asks for quotations from multiple insurance companies before settling with one. Contact forms on your company website will help you get the contacts of B2B clients on your database, not only to send them a quotation but also to keep them updated with new policies and updates.  

Effective lead generation forms will help you know your audience and feasibly cater to them. Communicative and highly professional, contact forms have great pay-off potential when used effectively. Make sure your contact form enables visitors to put in all the required information and express their needs so that you can assess the policies you can offer as a B2B insurance broker and reach out to the client fully prepared.  

Most contact forms ask for the following information from visitors: 

  1. Name 

  2. Address 

  3. Phone number 

  4. Email address 

  5. Service request 

  6. Added information 

You’re free to add more details if required. The best way to use contact forms is by putting them on every website page, starting from the homepage, article page, contact page, and so on. This allows you to generate more leads and exercise your marketing efforts.  

2-Call-to-action (CTA)

A proper CTA takes your clients from the top of the funnel in the sales journey to the bottom eventually. This doesn’t mean any potential customer who clicks on your website CTA will purchase your services, but they do have the potential to convert a prospect to a buyer. B2B clients would like to know more about your company and the policies you offer before they consider your policies to be viable for their enterprise.  

Hence, CTAs can impact the customer journey and deliver potential leads. By putting call-to-action buttons such as "Learn More" and "Contact Us,” you allow your clients to reach out to you and facilitate their decision-making process. The main marketing advantage of using CTAs is that you entice your clients to learn more about you and your USPs, increasing their chances of going on board with you.  

Depending on your target audience, you should mold your CTA strategy. To generate leads, implement effective CTAs on all pages of your website, emphasizing how they can contact you and why they should choose you. CTAs such as "Get a quote" and "Contact Us" will work on the impulse buying mechanism and help you generate quality leads.  

3-Email marketing 

With 82% of B2B companies using email marketing to generate sales, according to a survey by Webfx, B2B insurance companies have been able to generate 50% more sales with email marketing, which has proven to be a great lead generation strategy.  

With predefined email marketing templates, you can conduct email marketing campaigns weekly and acquire target leads. B2B insurance brokers can benefit from these. Proper optimization and email marketing strategies can foster lead generation, raise brand awareness, increase conversions, and stay in touch with clients.  

There are three main types of email marketing campaigns that B2B insurance companies can leverage to boost their sales. These are: 

  • Email newsletters: An email newsletter will keep your clients and referrals updated on new policies, discounts, and updates in your company. Many B2B clients look forward to these newsletters, especially during policy renewals, to choose policies they can benefit from.  

  • Lead nurturing emails: The best time to shoot lead-promoting email campaigns is when you have a lead online or offline but have yet to make a sale or move them to the next step of the sales funnel. These emails keep the client informed about your updates and grows their interest in your services over time. It’s important that these emails are personalized and sent at regular intervals.  

  • Welcome emails: You can send these emails when a lead becomes a client to welcome them for choosing your company. B2B clients are high on the professional front; hence welcome emails can go a long way in building customer trust and loyalty.  

4-Effective SEO strategies

B2B insurance lead generation involves interaction with clients at multiple points. B2B clients are stakeholders, decision-makers, or CEOs who need to make a sale. With everything available online, B2B clients are more inclined to learn about your policies and testimonials before agreeing to meet you. Your insurance company's website is the only point of online information; hence optimizing your website with powerful SEO strategies can drive traffic and generate more leads and conversions.  

A proper SEO strategy will help you stay aligned with your client goals and find the correct leads. By planting seed keywords in your website content, you can rank on Google search results and be more accessible to potential clients. Due to the several advantages that SEO brings with it for insurers, SEO is considered to be one of the most organic and integrated lead generation strategies for B2B insurers.   

5-Social proof to facilitate the buyer's journey 

Reviews and testimonials play a significant role in deciding lead strategies in today's market. B2B clients peruse several insurer websites and their case studies or client testimonials to determine whether they want to go on board with tB2B insurers must provide to provide enough social proof on their website to help visitors understand the worth and value of money they can get from a particular insurer.  

Providing social proof is not only a proven lead-generation tactic but also helps the client arrive at a decision that will not be second-guessed. Social proof on websites can consist of ratings, client testimonials, and case studies that make it easier for your web visitors to trust you and helps you gain more leads. Let's look at how each of these can help you gain more leads: 

  • Case studies: Detailed case studies on your clients will help visitors understand your approach and how they can benefit from your policies. This is like taking visitors through the buyer's journey without having them onboard, only to show them why they should choose you. By highlighting how you address your customer's pain points through your policies, you can capture leads in no time! 

  • Testimonials: The power of honest testimonials in insurance marketing is unparalleled. Testimonials on your company website with client recommendations can generate trust and assurance among potential leads and work on their buying impulses, getting you more leads.  

  • Ratings: Much like reviews, ratings help customers understand where you stand in the market compared to your competitors and help them decide faster. You can also generate leads through ratings by enlisting your company on review websites. This will help you augment your online reputation and increase your brand awareness.  

  • Data and numbers: Statistics go a long way in fetching leads in the B2B landscape. By providing the percentage or number of customers you have served in the past, the number of years you have been in the field, and relevant, marketable information that mirrors your expertise in the area, you can capture potential leads.


Most visitors who come across your website will not have the time to go through the details of the policies that you provide and the benefits. They might move on to your competitor's website. This is where Chatbots play a significant role in acquiring new leads. Customers with short attention spans or who do not have the time to peruse your company website can put in their queries on the chatbot. This will allow you to serve them immediately, as most chatbots function 24/7 and have pre-defined answers integrated into their processes. Online chatbots can identify the query and extract answers to help customers directly.  

With optimized online lead generation tactics, B2B insurers can leverage their insurance marketing skills and capture leads much faster than traditional strategies. These strategies are not only easy on the budget and show significant results with time. With digital marketing and no-code tools becoming the new marketing tactics, we hope the tips mentioned in this blog will help you generate more leads with time and scale in this competitive market.  

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