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6 Actionable Insurance Marketing Ideas & Strategies for 2023

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The income insurance industry revolves around growing clientele and adequate customer retention capacity. Therefore, it needs to constantly adopt newer ways to generate new leads and retain customers through each renewal.

With profits looming in the upcoming year for the insurance industry and the same expected to reach the 7 trillion USD mark in 2022, insurers are expected to achieve solid growth and maintain the same pattern in 2023. This can be attained through an unparalleled focus on digital marketing strategies to encourage lead generation and harness positive reviews. 

This article will help you with six marketing ideas that insurers look forward to improvising to generate quality leads and maximize revenue in 2023. 

1. Creating a seamless customer journey

As digitization takes the world by storm, insurers must focus on streamlining the customer journey online in a seamless and user-friendly manner. For example, customers prefer something other than a salesman physically explaining terms and conditions, as they would much rather peruse through it on their own from the company website. 

Moreover, suppose a potential client visits your company website for the first time. In that case, they should be able to navigate through the policies and benefits with ease. The information should be in simple terms and readily available. Strategic CTA buttons should be positioned on the website, and the customer should be able to request quotations or enquire without looking for a communication medium.

You can achieve newer leads quickly with efficient customer service that responds faster and an optimized website that eases the customer journey. The customer journey should be streamlined and more straightforward for clients onboarded so they can access different services through the website from the comfort of their homes. 

With renewal and policy updates communicated to customers via email or app, you can let them know that you have their better interest in mind and retain their trust. With big competitors in the market in the business income insurance industry, insurers focus on improving the customer experience and making a reverberating presence in the upcoming years.

2. Impactful SEO strategies

If you are looking forward to scaling your insurance business or scaling as an insurer, SEO is the golden ticket to getting closer to your goal over time. From website optimization to ranking on Google's first page, SEO will boost your business with a strategic approach. 

With every information available at the click of a button, you must ensure your company reaches out to your target audience by getting your SEO strategies correct.

This can be done by thorough keyword research and competitor analysis. Understanding which keywords will work for your business and help you drive more website traffic is crucial, as the website is your central hub for warm and cold leads. 

By consistently optimizing your on-page and off-page SEO, you can stay relevant and help Google crawl your website to leads looking for you. Additionally, income insurance companies are remodeling their marketing strategies to meet their clients' demands. They are increasingly focusing on improving their search engine optimization performance for improved results in terms of business. 

A critical digital marketing strategy for the success of your insurance business, optimizing your website’s SEO, will help you generate backlinks and maximize your online visibility over time, helping you stay competitive and bring in more sales.

3. Powerful content

Insurance policies are tangible and involve a standard investment so that policyholders can receive the benefits in times of need. For instance, a client is more likely to browse your policies before investing $1000. Understanding the areas of coverage each policy includes before requesting a quotation helps them make a better decision. 

Therefore, having high-quality content is imperative to engage your target audience and convert cold leads into long-term clients in the business income insurance field. The content on social media platforms or your website may be highly optimized with keywords, but if the quality of your content isn't excellent, it won't attract leads. 

As you get to know your target audience, you'll also need to understand their requirements and cater to them through high-quality content. The latter should always be relevant and beneficial to your audience. 

Personalized content for your existing clients will significantly help you maximize customer retention. The nature of digital marketing is changing, and personalization has become a considerable part of it. Customers expect personalized services that make them feel valued and surpass their expectations. 

Insurance companies are client-facing, and hence, personalized content can help you nurture positive relations with your client. This will enable you to cross-sell and also keep your clients from looking elsewhere around the time of renewals. 

4. PPC advertising

Insurance agencies with high-paying clients are referred to as the big sharks in this highly competitive and thriving industry. Therefore, they invest much of their capital in PPC ( Pay Per Click) Advertising to increase website traffic and conversions. 

PPC Ads enable you to list your company at the top of the search engine and increase visibility to clients looking for your services. You are more likely to acquire your target audience through PPC ads than organically. These ads get triggered through keywords, fetching your website to clients searching for insurance policies in your line of authority. 

By optimizing your PPC Ad content with powerful visuals and descriptions, you can easily convert your site visitors into potential customers. There are different types of PPC Ads that you can run based on your company's requirements, such as device-targeting and geo-targeting. These tools help you make the ads as specific as you want. 

You can utilize PPC ads to publicize the different policies you offer. This will help clients understand the competitive pricing, whether there are policy bundles, and more as they land on your website through these ads. 

Therefore, if you are looking forward to acquiring a newer clientele and strengthening your marketing game by 2023, you should incorporate PPC ads in your marketing strategies. 

5. Social media marketing

With the average time spent on social media increasing significantly faster every year, social media marketing has become one of the core marketing components for insurers. 

You can successfully reach out to your target audience on social media through relevant social media posts swiftly and effectively. Social media marketing helps you gain trust and credibility and show authority to a larger audience. They learn about your policies, plans, and bundle offers and eventually get motivated to land on your website. 

However, to create a buzzing social media presence, you must post informative content with value. Your content shouldn't always be too promotional and must add some value to existing social media content. This social media marketing angle engages more audiences and helps you create brand awareness. 

Below are some of the ideas for your social media content for more reach and followers:

  • Informational Videos

  • Reminders of important deadlines and updates

  • Infographics

  • Client Testimonials 

By planning your social media content effectively, you can create a positive experience for your clients and followers. According to a survey conducted by Oberlo, 71% of customers are likely to opt for a brand or recommend it to their close ones if they have had an excellent social media experience with the brand. 

Hence, if you are looking at a rising business curve as an insurer, this is an excellent sign to optimize your social media content!


6. Harnessing customer feedback


The insurance market is volatile and has never been more saturated. Hence, the importance of customer reviews to building a reputation and brand value cannot be underestimated. Insurers who wish to expand their clientele and generate increasing revenues in 2023 should focus on organically harnessing positive customer feedback.


Whether you work with B2C or B2B clients, the client is expected to browse through a fair amount of reviews before making an informed decision about your brand. 

Besides, customer testimonials also help in setting expectations for customers. It gives them a fair idea about what to expect from your insurance company, which is crucial for streamlining the customer journey. 


Moreover, customer reviews have a sharp learning curve as they help you understand your weak points and motivate you to improve them. While rooting for customer reviews, ensure you are responding to client reviews, and addressing their concerns. 

The main idea behind harnessing customer feedback is to make your clients feel valued and that their experience with you matters to you. Hence, as a customer-facing industry, you must incorporate customer feedback sections in your website to build that trust and credibility. 


Scale Your Insurance Business in 2023!

In today's era of hyper-personalization and ominous omnichannel presence, insurers are constantly bending their marketing strategies in favor of the market. Therefore, understanding the pulse of the market and the right way to implement these marketing strategies is crucial for income insurance agents.


Standing out in today's competitive market requires out-of-the-box strategies and a dynamic approach. While these are a few marketing ideas you can implement to scale as an insurer in 2023, these are primary and essential strategies you must take advantage of. 


To learn more about how to grow your insurance business in the upcoming years, follow Asteya's blogs and scale your insurance business. 

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