Introduce your clients to Income Insurance

If their health or wellbeing face unforeseen complications, maintaining their income doesn’t have to be an added stress. We insure their income for the future so they can focus on living without worrying about worst-case scenarios.

Introduce your clients to Income Insurance

It's the easiest and most affordable way to protect their wellbeing.

  • Dedicated Team

    We help with marketing and sales material, implementation, and partner success to support you and your clients.

  • Online Platform

    Access an easy to use, automatic Asteya account dashboard with referral tools all in one place.

  • Advising resources

    We offer free Asteya information and marketing collateral to help you advise your clients efficiently and effectively.

  • Increased revenue

    Real-time payment options for you and flexible payment options for your clients.

  • One login

    Use our online cloud-based broker tools to streamline quotation, administration, and enrollment.

  • Quick payout

    We pay our partners within weeks so you see fast revenue and results.

Join Our Affiliate Program

Provide your clients with an affordable, fully digital income insurance solution.

Add value to your Freelancer Community or Customer Base.

We offer simple integrations and the ability to co-brand or white label our platform. Our highly competitive revenue sharing plan gives you additional earnings with minimal effort, while providing access to an important financial safety net to your community.

  • Social Impact Initiative
  • Turnkey Marketing Resources
  • Policy Issuance in Minutes

Introduce your clients to a one-of-a-kind digital income insurance experience

There’s never been an easier way to sell income insurance than with our streamlined, instantaneous platform (no medical exams necessary).

Offer A Quote Instantly (API Driven)

We’ll help you integrate our product onto your app and/or website so your users can get instant income insurance quotes directly from you.

Embeddable Widget

We've made it easy for you to offer our income insurance quotes to your clients with a single line of code.

Embeddable Links

Bring our income insurance quotes to your users with co-branded landing pages through instant links that you can embed on your sites, through your email or your social media.

Cloud-Based Application

For our licensed agents and brokers, you can now send income insurance quotes to your users and track your performance on our cloud based dynamic platform.