Protect your business income, insure a bright future.

Business Income Insurance pays part of your lost earnings so you can focus on continuing to grow your company.

Income Insurance designed for startups and small business owners

  • Income Insurance for MVP Employees

    If you are a business owner and have an MVP employee that generates substantial revenue for your company, you can now protect them in case they are unable to work due to critical health complications.

  • Income Insurance for Entrepreneurs

    If you are a business owner, and want to protect your business in case you are unable to work due to a critical health complication, this coverage is for you. It protects your business by covering your expenses while you are out of work.

  • Income Insurance for Team Members

    Protect your startup team members’ earnings in case you are unable to work due to critical health complications.

If you are a primary revenue generator for your business, what would happen if you couldn't work?

Let's face it, life happens. Sometimes we end up with health conditions that are out of our control. Business Income Insurance is a smart solution to keeping your company's finances secure.

  • 2/3 of all U.S. bankruptcies are connected to the inability of the sole revenue generator to continue working due to critical health complications.

  • 400,000 entrepreneurs start their businesses using their own assets (central to their families) as collateral for business loans.

  • Unfortunately, there is a 25% chance that someone who is 20 years old today will become disabled at some point in their career.

Insuring your business income empowers your company's future.

We've designed easy and affordable business income insurance with instant coverage.

Flexible Payment Options

Protect up to 70% of you and your employee's income through a flexible payment structure. Choose between a monthly income payment, a lump sum payment, or a combination of the two, for an aggregate that can go up to $50 million.

Flexible Coverage

Our programs are personalized to your company's needs:
  • Policy Terms up to 5-year
  • Customizable waiting period up to 365 days
  • Benefits paid on a monthly basis, in a lump sum form, or both.

Our customer experience team is here to support you.

Our team cares to make the claims process easy as we help navigate unforeseen financial circumstances in life. We help thousands of income insurance customers every year with exceptional service.

  • No waiting times
  • No needles
  • No doctor appointments

Our Application Process is Easy

We want to help you insure your business income with the quickest and most straightforward process possible. Our team has the future in mind so you can stay focused on building your company.

  • Answer a few simple questions to get your personalized rate.

  • Apply online in minutes or have one of our live chat support team members help you fill out and receive your quote.

  • Receive a fast decision on your business's eligibility. If approved, you can receive coverage on the spot.

Ready to apply?

If you decide that income insurance is right for you, our professional advisors can help you apply.

Income Insurance Resource Center

Take a quick read over everything you need to know about our income insurance for businesses.

  • Our product is not group insurance, but group income insurance is a disability product paid for by employers to cover a percentage of employees' salaries should they be too injured or ill to work. If a company employs you, we recommend checking with your employer to see if this is a benefit they provide to your company.

  • If your company offers business income insurance, the policy should be paid by your company.

  • We recommend reading over your policy, as this may be considered a pre-existing condition under your policy's terms.

  • No, covid-related illnesses are not qualifications for long-term reasons not to work.

  • It depends on who is paying for your income insurance policy. If your employer is paying for your policy and decides to continue paying for your policy, then you'll need to manage that matter with them. They will need to let us know to cancel your policy. If you are paying and wish to cancel your policy, then you can contact us directly. Please know that if you cancel or suspend your policy, you may not be able to reinstate coverage for the break in the payment, subject to state law.

  • It depends on who is paying for your policy. If your employer is paying for your income insurance policy and they have decided to cancel policy payments, you will need to manage that directly with them. If you're paying for your policy individually, you'll have the option of canceling or continuing payment. Our policy will continue for a term of unemployment so long as you continue to pay.

  • Unfortunately, income insurance products protect your income from illness or sickness and not other events, so there would only be payment if your direct disability causes the closure.

  • Yes. Like most insurance policies, pandemic diseases and pandemic-related health complications are not covered by Asteya's income insurance plan.